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Do you need a sparkly reminder of how special you are? Look no further than our gorgeous Augusta Teardrop Earrings Silver! Made from 925 sterling silver, these beauties feature two stunning lab-created tanzanite gemstones secure in pronged settings with two simulated diamonds for spectacular dazzle. The pear-shaped tanzanite is set alongside a heart-shaped piece to represent the duality of love and romance that comes alive in all its shimmer and shine.

Tanzanite is an incredibly special gemstone that has quickly become a favourite of those looking to add a bit of sparkle and elegance to their jewellery collection. Its deep purple-blue hue radiates class and sophistication, and its rarity makes it all the more desirable. Tanzanite also symbolizes creativity, wisdom, and intuition - perfect for people who want to reconnect with their inner sense of imagination and insight.

With a total weight of 5.40 grams and measuring 2.80 cm x 0.8 cm, you can wear your earrings with pride - whether alone or paired with other jewellery pieces - knowing that you'll look extra special every time! So grab your pair now before they're gone - these earrings make a perfect gift for yourself or the oh-so-special people in your life!

Augusta Tanzanite Teardrop Earrings Silver

SKU: af010c91
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