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Step out in luxurious style with the beautiful Beatrice Oval Gemstone Bracelet, intricately crafted and unique enough to capture every eye that dares look upon it. Featuring a multifaceted oval gemstone surrounded by gleaming cubic zirconia, this piece never fails to please – beautifully reflecting the light from day to night. Its deluxe-style double chain is ideal for your finest evening outfits and will help to light up any party. If you’re looking for a luxurious accessory that you can flaunt from event to event, then look no further than the exquisite Beatrice Oval Gemstone Bracelet.

Pink tourmaline is the traditional birthstone for the month of October and is a stunning stone that comes in a variety of shades, from palest pink to magenta. This gemstone is said to be connected to love and compassion, making it an ideal gift for a loved one whose birthday falls in October.

Made using 925 Sterling Silver dipped in 22ct Rosegold and White Cubic Zirconia alongside its gorgeous pink tourmaline centre stone, it is 14.5 cm - 19.5 cm (with adjuster) in length to fit most wrist sizes, the central stone measures 1.7cm x 1.5cm and the 4.3 gram weight is elegantly balanced so you can rest easy knowing the bracelet won't tug your arm down, this stunning piece is not just stylish but wonderfully comfortable too!

Beatrice Oval Gemstone Bracelet Rose Gold Pink Tourmaline

SKU: c9c5b716
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