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Sherriff Family Coat of Arms


I am a passionate follower of our Royal Family past & present.


As some may know I suffered personal tragedy when my beloved mother died from a cancerous brain tumour. Through my personal trauma I used my Instagram account as something to focus on, so now this website is an extra focus.

I started an Instagram account over in 2013, as I wanted to share my passion for the British Monarchy past and present.

My main interests are the current royal family particularly Her Majesty the Queen & the history side of the British Monarchy.. With over a thousand years of history I'm not lost for topics!

I confess to being a self taught historian, I love to read about (over 300 books & counting), write about, watch & listen to anything history related.


Outside of the Monarchy, I enjoy discovering more about the First & Second World Wars; the Napoleonic wars & the Victorian age, & also family history research.

My aim is to inspire interest in the royal family, particularly the history side of things.


thank-you so much for reading this.

Please feel free to offer any feedback or request topics of your choice.

Lee Stuart Sherriff

Dedicated to my beautiful mum;


Linda Sherriff (nee Cross) 1957-2014)

& my grandmother Doreen Cross (nee Mayer) 1933-2002

Linda Sherriff 1957-2014
Mother and son 1977
family trio grandmother, grandson and granddaughter
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